Go Fest Weekend Special Sale

Go Fest Sale has ended! Check back again next year!

Can’t make it to Go Fest to purchase our best deal of the year? No problem. You can purchase our day pass special online from Friday at 5 pm to Sunday at 5 pm, October 13-15th.

River Rock Day Pass with gear included – youth or adult pass and includes climbing gear (harness, shoes, and chalk)

The passes are $12 each (we do add $4.00 per order for USPS postage/tracking) and you can purchase as many as you like. However, lost or stolen passes are not replaceable. These are valid until 10/30/18 and will not have any other credit in the facility. No extra fee for shipping if you purchase in-person at the festival or at the gym during the event.

Regular admission to the gym is $15 for adults and $10 for youth and rental gear is an additional $8.50 per person, so this is just about 50% off of our regular prices for adults! This is the only time in 2017 that we discount our day passes for regular business hours access!