Lights Out Headlamp Climb

Bring your headlamp and climb in the dark during our first ever Lights Out Headlamp Climb!

On Friday, March 4 from 6-10pm we’ll turn our lights off, turn the music up, and let you climb with headlamps. Don’t have a headlamp? Don’t worry! Princeton Tec will be here selling and demoing their awesome products.

Every climber and belayer must have a headlamp.

Keep up to date what’s happening through our Facebook Event.

Please note: As the lights will be off during this event, this may not be the best evening to visit if you have never been here before. All first time visitors will need to go on an orientation tour as well as be shown how to use our auto-belays. Please plan on arriving before 6pm if this will be your first visit to our gym.

Member Social

Join us for our first Member Social of 2016!

On Thursday, February 25 we will meet at Soaring Ridge Brewery for beer, food, and socializing from 6-9pm. The River Rock will provide appetizers. Guests are welcome to join in, but we will only be providing food and beverage for River Rock members.

Please register for the event so we know how many appetizers to bring! Register HERE.

Soaring Ridge Brewery
523 Shenandoah Ave.
Roanoke, VA 24016

Not a member? Check out our membership sale HERE. There are lots of benefits to being a member including member socials!

Meet our new Strength and Fitness Coach

We would like to introduce Gabriel Villarreal. He will be instructing our new strength and fitness classes for the River Rock. He will also be operating his own classes through, LostBoys Strength and Conditioning, from our new fitness space.

“I had stumbled upon the secret formula to a lifestyle free of long term stress, bad days, and an abundance of energy and positivity. A trinity of a good diet (read as: a life of good clean food), goal oriented fitness, and mental health support. It was then I realized if everyone had this trinity they too could be limitless in what they wanted in life. However, upon completing my Masters to practice therapy in the mental health field, many professors lectured on the barriers of integrating fitness and nutrition into the mental health field…And so my journey began, alone, to the founding of LostBoys Strength & Conditioning.
Along the way training with and receiving two fitness certifications from two of the most esteemed strength and conditioning coaches in the country:Zach Even-Esh and Travis Mash of Underground Strength & Conditioning and Mash Elite Performance.
I’m am so honored to begin my journey with you all and to give you the experience that has been forming in my mind for the last 5 years. All barriers will be tested and knocked down and life long results will be made by all. I cannot wait to guide you to the life and goals you choose.” – Gabriel

Class FREE for River Rock Members (or $12 drop-in rate):
Kettlebell and Bodyweight Strength Training
Class will utilize kettlebells and bodyweight to deliver a powerful combination of exercises that will build lean muscle, burn fat, and strengthen your core. The hour will be separated into three parts: warm-up, proper mobility and positioning, and moderate intensity to high volume exercises. This class is perfect for the beginner but can be modified to the individual’s needs, should they feel too challenged or not challenged enough.
Tues. Evening 7:30 – 8:30 pm &
Tues. & Thurs. Morning 6:30 – 7:30 am (morning class begins Jan. 12th)

Free for River Rock Members or $12 drop in rate

High-intensity / High-volume Community Class
Class is open to anyone in the community whether or not you’re a member of River Rock or LostBoys Strength & Conditioning! Focus will be on burning fat and jump starting your metabolism for the weekend. Movements will be basic in nature, but will utilize challenging weight and high repetitions while ensuring proper movement patterns.
Saturday 8:30 – 9:30 am
FREE for River Rock members and general public

The following classes are only accessable to LostBoys Members:
(memberships are available at a discount for River Rock members)

Class will focus on strengthening your entire body while creating muscle to help you lose fat. The hour will consist of high intensity conditioning and strength movements geared towards improving the overall health of muscles and joints. There will be a major focus on proper movement. Kettlebells, bands, and other equipment to strengthen your entire body will be utilized. This class will be beneficial for anyone brand new to strength and conditioning or to the beginner to intermediate looking for something fun and different.
Mon., Wed., & Fri. 5:00 – 6:00 am

Barbell Strength and Conditioning
Class will focus on strength and conditioning components to increase overall strength, speed, and endurance. Emphasis will be on one of three core strength movements: squat, bench, or deadlift; followed by a conditioning segment. The first half of the class will be on building strength with proper movement patterns to ensure longevity of the joints and muscles. The conditioning portion will include moving efficiently and quickly with heavy weights using a variety of movements. Equipment used will be barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and bands to increase overall strength. This class will be beneficial to beginner and intermediate level with an interest in gaining strength and losing weight.
Mon., Wed., & Fri. 6:00 – 7:00 am & 8:30 – 9:30 am

Memberships to LostBoys Strength and Conditioning will give you full access to their Bootcamp and Barbell Strength and Conditioning classes. If you have questions about memberships you can contact:
Gabriel Villarreal
(540) 251-1557
Email Gabriel

Membership Sale – Ending February 20th

2016 River Rock Membership Sale
Get your New Year’s resolutions up and climbing with a membership to the River Rock. We offer single (adult or youth), couples, or family memberships. This sale is only applicable to our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) memberships.
We are waiving the startup fees until February 20th. If you maintain your membership in good standing (no freezes) for the duration of 2016 we will give you a free month January of 2017.
Just come into the gym and we will set you up for your membership and have you climbing into the New Year!
River Rock Membership Benefits
• 2 Guest Passes per membership account, per month. Individual members get two each – couples or families get a total of two. You may use one pass per individual guest per month. Free rentals included for guests. A monthly value of up to $46.
• FREE rental gear for the duration of your EFT membership.
• Access to our new fitness area – it’s just for members!
• Three strength training classes a week provided by a certified trainer – FREE to River Rock members.
• Yoga classes at the River Rock are provided by Uttara Yoga Studio and are FREE to River Rock members. Two classes a week to choose from.
• Special Members pricing for all gym programs and classes.
• 10% off retail items purchased at the River Rock.
• 10% discount on organized birthday parties.
• 10% discount on River Rock retail items (shirts, snacks, hats, books, etc.).
• 10% discount at the Wasena City Tap Room every Wednesday.
• 10% discount at Outdoor Trails.
• 10% discount at Backcountry Ski & Sports.
• 10% off Parts & Accessories and 10% off of your first bike tune-up at Under Dog Bikes, located on the greenway.
EFT Membership FAQ’s
What is EFT?
The term Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the movement of funds electronically between banking accounts. We link to the account of your choice to draft monthly dues for the membership on a set date for the monthly reoccurring membership charge.
What date do you process EFT payments?
We process payments on the 21st of each month. The account you have set to withdraw the membership dues will be charged on or shortly after this date each month.
How do I cancel an EFT membership?
Just give us 30 day notice in advance of the billing date. We have cancellation forms online through our membership benefits page or hard copies you can fill out at the gym. We need to receive them prior to the 21st of each month to cancel withdraw for the upcoming month. Your membership would expire on the 20th of the preceding month.
What is the difference between EFT and Prepaid Memberships?
EFT is a month to month ongoing membership, and our best value. A prepaid is purchasing (at a higher rate) 30 days of climbing at a time.

Lebron Is Going to Divisionals!

We are ecstatic to announce that River Rock Youth Climbing Team member Lebron Parsell is going to Divisionals!

This year’s Regionals were held at Vertical Rock in Mannassas, VA. Lebron competed as well as fellow Team members Davis Lee, Kat Fink, Willow Ames, Ricky Tershak, Anthony Torre, Lanadayle Roach, Will Elmore, and Carolyn Angelillo. She placed 10th in her age division which automatically qualified her for Divisionals. She will be the first River Rock team member to move beyond Regionals!

Lebron is one of our newer Team members, having started with our Youth Club the year before. Midway through the season Lebron was forced to sit out for a month due to an arm injury. However, with the support of her Team members and coaches she didn’t let that stop her from coming back and climbing hard and it has paid off!

Divisionals will be held the weekend of January 9th at Gravity Vault in Upper Saddle River, NJ.

Let’s wish her the best!