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Kids Climb: Physical Benefits

Did you know that the World Health Organization recommends that kids aged 5-17 should be getting at least an hour of physical activity daily to stay healthy?  They go on to say that 3 or more times a week those physical activities should include something to strengthen their muscles and bones. That might sound… Read more »

Kids Climb!

Where can you solve puzzles, have fun with friends, and learn some climbing skills — all while getting a great workout? Climbing! Setting the route to a healthy adulthood As they point out in this article about fitness on WebMD, “kids who have positive experiences with exercise are more likely to be active, healthy adults.” … Read more »

Hidden Peak – Culture of Climbing

Here’s a fun video from a climbing gym in Chicago all about the culture of climbing.  The interviewees talk about why they climb, and highlight some great aspects of the sport: Athletic Challenge Climbing can take your mind off of daily life, and help you focus on something else.  There is a thrill to the… Read more »

Clean Valley Day!

Have you been enjoying the gorgeous weather lately?  It’s hard to believe we had a little snow storm last week!! As we’re getting back out on the trails, it’s a great time to think about how we can contribute to keeping these great resources available to us.  One great way we can pitch in is… Read more »

The Perfect Shot

Climbing Photography Have you ever watched a climbing video or looked at pictures of climbers and wondered about how the photographer managed to get that shot? We enjoyed watching this peek behind the scenes with climbing photographer Simon Carter. Points to consider: Be a climber. Before trying to combine climbing and photography, it’s important to… Read more »