Climbing League Weekly Results

The Climbing League is half way over and the teams are climbing strong! The scores, thus far, are listed below.

League teams: just remember, it’s still anyone’s game! You have a makeup week at the end to fill in a missed week and catch back up. Don’t miss the chance to. Please note that during the makeup day, November 3, the River Rock will be resetting the entire bouldering area for the Big Lick Showdown USA Climbing Competition. And the makeup day of November 4, the bouldering area will be closed for the Collegiate Comp that we are resetting for. The bouldering area will not be accessible to climbers, only the roped area will.


Just as a reminder, the River Rock reserves the right to change your starting level depending on how you do. For example, if you wrote down that your starting level is a V1 but climbed three V2s, we changed your starting level to V2. We fully anticipate that you will climb harder as the weeks progress, this is part of the fun of the League, so keep track of how you are climbing and adjust your starting level as you improve. The River Rock will continue to look at each score card and adjust as we see fit.

For all the rules of the League click HERE.