Lights Out Headlamp Climb

Friday, March 3
6-10 pm

Ever wanted to climb in the dark? Now you can!

On Friday, March 3 from 6-10pm we’ll turn our lights off, turn on our laser lights, crank the music up, and let you climb with headlamps. Don’t have a headlamp? Don’t worry! Back Country Ski & Sports will be present selling headlamps and some gear.

Youth $10
Adults $15
Admission includes rental gear (an $8 value).

Every climber and belayer must have a headlamp.

Please note: As the lights will be off during this event, this may not be the best evening to visit if you have never been here before, or if you are supervising youth under the age of 14 and it has been six months (or more) since your last visit. All first time visitors or adults supervising youth that have been six month or more since their last tour and auto belay orientation will need to do that prior to the start of this special event. The last tour/orientation is 5:30 pm, so please plan accordingly.

Check out some photos from the past: