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Dear River Rockers,

The River Rock made the decision to close to members and the public on March 16th.

We made the decision to not charge any membership dues or any freeze charges on our last dues cycle on March 21st.  This has proved to be a huge financial strain for us, but feel it is was only fair to members who have lost access to the facility.  We were overwhelmed with how many members reached out to us to request that we keep billing them while the facility is closed in order to keep paying and supporting our staff.

The River Rock has kept on our key staff and will continue to pay their salaries for as long as we can.  We are blessed that we have had a few years of small profits and have been extremely mindful to put some of those funds each year into a rainy-day account.  Never thought we would be digging into those funds for this kind of scenario, but here we are.

Now that we are going from two weeks of closure to another month or potentially more we would graciously accept any assistance our members, friends of the River Rock, or the community at large has to offer.

Members that wish to support the River Rock financially with dues payments can opt-in by clicking the button “I Want to Help!”. You can even select a custom amount you would like to support us with. We will maintain those dues until you decide to cancel using our cancellation form and will waive any restrictions to cancel. You will see the dues payments post on the 21st of the month.

I Want To Help!

Some of you have purchased a gift card and we sure do appreciate that! If you would prefer to purchase one over a monthly dues payment, click on the Gift Card button just below.

River Rock Gift Card

We sure do appreciate you. We sure do miss seeing everyone in the gym. Be well and stay safe.

-River Rock Staff