Wall Games – this isn't your typical family game night!

Ever wanted to feel like you are part of a video game? Now’s your chance!

Friday, April 15th, from 7-10pm
No additional cost above day pass or membership. Climbing shoes required.

The River Rock will be projecting onto our walls three interactive games produced by Randori –

  • Time Trial – compete for the best time! Touch each lit up number in sequence (as pictured above). We will offer two different levels – all level and intermediate/advanced. In the all level game there will be jugs available so that anyone and everyone should be able to make it to the top. In the intermediate/advanced category there will be different sorts of holds making getting to the top more challenging.
  • Hold Chaser – climb to the top of the wall while a ghost chases you. Don’t let it touch you! This is an all level, endurance game. Because the ghost moves on it’s own course you may have to move on and off of nicer holds which makes it fun and challenging.
  • Point Race – teams of 5 players race to see how many points they can rack up within 4 minutes. Touch as many dots as possible within the time alloted to score as many points as you can. Each player must be actively on the wall to score (i.e. no jumping from the ground). Each player on the team may go up multiple times, but every player must make at least one attempt. This is an all level game, so no matter your ability level you will be sure to have fun racking up the points!
  • Schedule:
    7-7:30pm – Time Trial, all level
    7:30-8pm – Hold Chaser, all level
    8-8:30pm – Point Race
    8:30-9pm – Time Trial, int./adv. level

    As this is the first time we are doing Wall Games, this schedule is tentative and flexible.

    The River Rock is only one in a handful of climbing gyms in the US to feature these “augmented reality” games! Check out an awesome video of the the Time Trial game at Brooklyn Boulders, where the games premiered, HERE.