Week 1

Climbing CoveSuccess!

Thank you to everyone who came out for a wonderful first week of climbing here at the River Rock. After months planning and creating this space, seeing it filled with bodies is a thrill!

It’s one thing to dream of creating such a place, and quite another to see the reality unfold — and that’s something we couldn’t do without the support and enthusiasm of the community. Thank you!

Come, one and all

One of our goals is to provide a place that is engaging and welcoming to all.

This week we welcomed complete beginners into the gym alongside seasoned climbers. Some visitors tried on climbing shoes for the first time and were guided through climbing their first route. Others came equipped with their own gear, ready to tackle some of the most difficult bouldering problems we had available.

Seeing climbers of all ages and levels scaling the walls of our gym side by side is one of the greatest measures of success that we could hope for!

Even me?

We’ve had a lot of people asking if they have to be incredibly strong or physically fit to try climbing. Our answer? Nope! If you think you’re too out-of-shape or old or weak for it, just know you aren’t the first to feel that way and give it a try anyway!

If nothing else, come by and take a tour of the gym — we’ve got friendly staff just waiting to show you around and answer your questions. You could even fill out an online visitor agreement right here, to get a head-start on your climbing adventure!

Thinking about membership?

Take a peek at our null page. If you’re interested in outdoor gear, yoga classes, or tasty food and beer, I think you’ll find that there are some nice perks to joining!