EFT Membership Freeze

The freeze option will keep your EFT membership current, but in a frozen status.  Ideal if you are not going to use your membership for 30 or more days.  So if you need to travel for school or work, or need to recover from an injury, this is a great option instead of cancelling your membership outright and paying another initiation fee to restart another EFT membership.

Freezes keep you from paying your whole dues payment when you will not be able to utilize the facility.  Instead of paying your regular dues the freeze rate will apply on our billing date of the 21st.  Individual freezes are $10 and couples/families are $15 each billing cycle.  When you are ready to climb again just come into the gym and we will reactivate your membership!  The freeze rate will remain in place until you reactivate or cancel your membership. 

Freeze requests must be submitted no less than 3 days in advance of the River Rock dues billing date of the 21st of the month (before midnight of the 17th). If this form is submitted after midnight of the 17th normal dues charges will apply to the upcoming billing date of the 21st and the freeze will go into effect on the next months billing date.

CLICK HERE EFT Freeze Request