Hidden Peak – Culture of Climbing

Here’s a fun video from a climbing gym in Chicago all about the culture of climbing.  The interviewees talk about why they climb, and highlight some great aspects of the sport:

Athletic Challenge

Climbing can take your mind off of daily life, and help you focus on something else.  There is a thrill to the challenge!
“This is definitely a great release.”

Puzzle Solving

Climbing provides the satisfying experience of doing something that seemed impossible before.  There is a social aspect to the problem solving too, with climbers pushing each other, getting excited for one another, and being driven to try solving new problems together.
“You keep progressing by working with other people.”

Diverse Community

Climbers come from all sorts of different backgrounds, and find common ground together through climbing.  When climbers come together for climbing trips, the social aspect is multiplied, carrying beyond the rock wall into the campground and beyond.
“It’s a pretty rich activity”