Rockwerx's Chas unleashing his inner-artist on the wall

It’s not quite as simple as going to the hardware store and picking up a few cans of “Red Rock” paint.  Nope, Chas and his Rockwerx crew mix all of their own paint, spray on several coats, and then spray water on the wall to give the wall real water marks.

But why Red Rock in southwestern Virginia?  We chose the Red Rock flavor for a number of reasons:

1.  If you want to climb on limestone, there’s plenty already around.

2.  We want folks to have an adventure when they visit our gym.  Didn’t make it to Indian Creek this fall, no worries.  We brought the high desert to you.

3.  It just looks good and really gives the room some good organic color.

 Oh yah, where Chas is spraying is an enclosure that will have six auto-belays.  What’s an auto-belay?  It’s a device that automatically belays the climber, so the climber doesn’t need a partner to belay them.  They’re great for speed climbing competitions and for those who want to get a few climbs in but may not have a partner to climb with.  Although if you spend just a couple of hours at the gym, I’m sure you’ll quickly befriend many climbing partners.