Meet the Staff


Jared pic
What you do: General Manager
Nickname: Scheduling Guy
Certifications: American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor, Climbing Wall Association Instructor, Level 1 Rope Technician
At The River Rock since: before we opened
Climbing since: 1989 – first climbing trip to Maine. Changed my life.
Why you started: I grew up in Florida
Climbing inspiration: To climb again, soon. I hope.
Favorite climbing area: Vote is out on this one…
Dream climbing trip: Yvon Chouinard. Patagonia. Enough said.
Fun fact: Cynicism was a school of ancient Greek philosophy.
Height: 6′
Ape Index: + 3
Favorite move: Hanging on
Favorite hold: Underclings


Ryan pic
What I do: All the stuff. Youth Club Instructor, Head Route Setter, Head Class Instructor
Nickname: Sometimes the kids call me Supreme Overload
Certifications: AMGA CWI
At the River Rock since: November 2013
Climbing since: January 2010
Why you started: Got badgered by a friend to go to the climbing wall while I was in college. Pretty much didn’t stop after that day.
Climbing inspiration: Gym members past the age of 60. It’s nice to know that I could potentially still be doing this for another 30 years.
Favorite climbing area: Bozoo, WV
Dream climbing trip: Squamish, BC
Fun fact: According to astronauts, moon dust smells like spent gunpowder.
Height: 5’8″
Ape Index: +4
Favorite move: Flip flop double huck figure 27. Also, dynos.
Favorite hold: Pinches


What you do: Office and Front End Manager
Nickname: Globby
Certifications: Basic First Aid/CPR
At The River Rock since: February 2014
Climbing since: January 2013
Why you started: I started in my outdoor program in college, but there was definitely some peer pressure involved.
Climbing inspiration: Mountain goats, honestly.
Favorite climbing area: The gym…
Dream climbing trip: Anywhere out west or in Europe!
Fun fact: I’ve never broken a bone!


Lucy pic
What you do: Route Setter
Nickname: Lucy-little-fingers
Certifications: USAC Level 1 Route Setter
At The River Rock since: before we opened
Climbing since: June 2012
Why you started: I liked the puzzle aspect of it
Climbing inspiration: Ashima Shiraishi, Megan Mascerenas
Favorite climbing area: New River Gorge
Dream climbing trip: Anywhere with friends
Fun fact: I like birds and chocolate
Height: 5’ 2.75”
Ape Index: -2.75”
Favorite move: hand-foot match
Favorite hold: cobbles


What you do: General Staff, Birthday Parties, Youth Climbing Club
Nickname: Riblits, lib-lodge
At The River Rock since: September 2014
Climbing since: February 2013
Why you started: Climbing is better than running
Climbing inspirations: Lynn Hill
Favorite climbing area: Rumbling Bald (near Asheville, NC)
Dream Climbing trip: Crete, Greece
Fun fact: I still buy CDs because cloud technology intimidates me


Dennis pic
What you do: Route Setter, Instructor, General Staff
At The River Rock since: Shortly after it opened
Climbing since: Fall 2013
Why you started: It looked like fun and because of all the amazing places that it takes you.
Climbing inspirations: Joe Kinder, Dave Graham, cats climbing trees.
Favorite climbing area: El Salto, Mexico or New River Gorge, WV.
Dream Climbing trip: Probably France or Spain
Fun fact: I like cats…
Height: 5′ 10″
Ape Index: -1.5″
Favorite move: taking a fatty whip!
Favorite hold: crimps


Kait pic
What you do: Front Desk, General Staff, and Birthdays!
Nickname: KP
At The River Rock since: November 2014
Climbing since: I realized I had fingers and toes
Why you started: To get up on top of stuff and see more
Climbing inspirations: Truc Allen, Julia Boas, & Sean Bryant
Favorite climbing area: New River Gorge
Dream climbing trip: Vegas! Days climbing at Red Rocks and then nights on the strip with white tigers and magic shows!
Fun fact: William Shakespeare invented more than 1,700 English words including “bedazzled,” “leapfrog,” and “swagger.”


Hope photo
What you do: Front Desk, General Staff
Nickname: Pope
At The River Rock since: March 2017
Climbing since: November 2015
Why you started: Looking for a new form of workout.
Climbing inspiration: Alex Puccio and Sierra Blair-Coyle
Favorite climbing area: the gym
Dream climbing trip: Red Rocks or anywhere out west
Fun fact: I used to compete in a gravity sport called dirt surfing.


Chad photo
What you do: Route Setter
Nickname: Rad Chad
At The River Rock since: 2016
Climbing since: the 1990’s
Why you started: I thought climbing appeared to be awesome. Then I found out it actually is awesome!
Climbing inspiration: Alpine Jesse
Favorite climbing area: Summersville Lake, WV
Dream climbing trip: Starting with Australia, New Zealand and French Polynesia, hit up Asia and Europe, some first ascents in Africa. Bust up to North America for some Alaska, Canada, and El Cap before moving down to the Andes and Patagonia with a possible finish in the Antarctic. Or deep water soloing at Summersville Lake, WV.
Fun fact: My dog knows exactly how to slip his collar.
Height: 5’8″
Ape Index: -2″
Favorite move: Easy dynos that look huge.
Favorite hold: Manky credit card crimpers and tension toe scums.


What you do: POS
Nickname: Bean
At The River Rock since: April 2018
Climbing since: January 2017
Why you started: My best friend Hope brought me to the River Rock and I’ve loved climbing ever since!
Climbing inspiration: My hamster… she can climb anything.
Favorite climbing area: The gym
Dream climbing trip: Anywhere with my amazing friends!
Fun fact: I was an all-star cheerleader for 7 years.


What you do: General Staff
Nickname: Dom
At The River Rock since: March 9th, 2018
Climbing since: Dabbling since 2014
Why you started: Some friends asked if I wanted to go climb some rocks. I said “sure.”
Climbing inspiration: Mountains
Favorite climbing area: Seneca Rocks, WV
Dream climbing trip: Devil’s Tower (Durrance 5.7)
Fun fact: I like backpacking and I ate a whole stick of butter once. Just to see if I could.


What you do: Route Setter
Nickname: Are nicknames still a thing?
At The River Rock since: 2018
Climbing since: 2017
Why you started: Peer pressure. Stay in school, kids.
Climbing inspiration: Megos
Favorite climbing area: Bishop for bouldering and Smith Rock for sport
Dream climbing trip: Dreams are fake news? But Flagstaff would be metal.
Fun fact: Banging your head against a wall for one hour burns 150 calories.
Height: 5’10”
Ape Index: +0 on a good hair day
Favorite move: Unnecessary leg contortions
Favorite hold: Please make my fingers scream