Meet the Staff


Jared pic
What you do: General Manager
Nickname: Scheduling Guy
Certifications: American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor, Climbing Wall Association Instructor, Level 1 Rope Technician
At The River Rock since: before we opened
Climbing since: 1989 – first climbing trip to Maine. Changed my life.
Why you started: I grew up in Florida
Climbing inspiration: To climb again, soon. I hope.
Favorite climbing area: Vote is out on this one…
Dream climbing trip: Yvon Chouinard. Patagonia. Enough said.
Fun fact: Cynicism was a school of ancient Greek philosophy.
Height: 6′
Ape Index: + 3
Favorite move: Hanging on
Favorite hold: Underclings


What you do: Office and Front End Manager
Nickname: Globby
Certifications: Basic First Aid/CPR
At The River Rock since: February 2014
Climbing since: January 2013
Why you started: I started in my outdoor program in college, but there was definitely some peer pressure involved.
Climbing inspiration: Mountain goats, honestly.
Favorite climbing area: The gym…
Dream climbing trip: Anywhere out west or in Europe!
Fun fact: I’ve never broken a bone!


Lucy pic
What you do: Route Setter
Nickname: Lucy-little-fingers
Certifications: USAC Level 1 Route Setter
At The River Rock since: before we opened
Climbing since: June 2012
Why you started: I liked the puzzle aspect of it
Climbing inspiration: Ashima Shiraishi, Megan Mascerenas
Favorite climbing area: New River Gorge
Dream climbing trip: Anywhere with friends
Fun fact: I like birds and chocolate
Height: 5’ 2.75”
Ape Index: -2.75”
Favorite move: hand-foot match
Favorite hold: cobbles


Hope photo
What you do: Front Desk, General Staff, Route Setter
Nickname: Pope
At The River Rock since: March 2017
Climbing since: November 2015
Why you started: Looking for a new form of workout.
Climbing inspiration: Alex Puccio and Sierra Blair-Coyle
Favorite climbing area: the gym
Dream climbing trip: Red Rocks or anywhere out west
Fun fact: I used to compete in a gravity sport called dirt surfing.
Height: 5’4″
Ape Index: 0
Favorite move: Mantle
Favorite hold: Baby moons!


What you do: Office and Front End Manager
Nickname: Bean
At The River Rock since: April 2018
Climbing since: January 2017
Why you started: My best friend Hope brought me to the River Rock and I’ve loved climbing ever since!
Climbing inspiration: My hamster… she can climb anything.
Favorite climbing area: The gym
Dream climbing trip: Anywhere with my amazing friends!
Fun fact: I was a competitive cheerleader for 7 years.


What you do: Route Setter
Nickname: Are nicknames still a thing?
At The River Rock since: 2018
Climbing since: 2017
Why you started: Peer pressure. Stay in school, kids.
Climbing inspiration: Megos
Favorite climbing area: Bishop for bouldering and Smith Rock for sport
Dream climbing trip: Dreams are fake news? But Flagstaff would be metal.
Fun fact: Banging your head against a wall for one hour burns 150 calories.
Height: 5’10”
Ape Index: +0 on a good hair day
Favorite move: Unnecessary leg contortions
Favorite hold: Please make my fingers scream