Lock Ins

Ever dreamed of having the entire facility to yourself? No lines, no waits? Just full of friends/family? If so, then a Lock-In is just for you!

You will have exclusive access to the River Rock’s ropes, auto belays, and boulders, as well as the Community Room where you can store all your food and drinks. The River Rock will have staff work with you for the first hour going over the gym tour, auto belay orientation, and verification of top-rope belay skills. One staff member will remain thereafter to help answer facility questions, be available for route beta, and be responsible for maintaining gym standards.

Stay up as late as you want! You can climb, watch movies, play games, whatever you would like to do! Once your group is ready to fall asleep, roll out your sleeping bags on our padded gym floors – that will be sure to lull everyone to sleep.

lock in party photos

Lock-In Details


  • Arrive by 8:00 pm on Saturday
  • For the first hour staff members will orient the group to the gym. The rest of the time may be used for your own climbing activities.
  • Depart by 8:00 am Sunday morning


  • $450 base rate for up to 15 persons, $20 per person additional thereafter.
  • Groups with less than 15 participants will be charged no less than $450.
  • No charge for adult chaperones.
  • A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a specific date and time.
  • 14 day advanced notice to book and schedule.


We require that you provide no less than a 1:8 ratio of adults to supervise youth under the age of 18 in your group, also if you have a co-ed group you need at least one adult of each gender to be present for the duration of the event. A Visitor Agreement form is required by anyone entering our facility climbing or not. Click HERE for the form.

What should the group bring?

You may bring whatever food or drink that you wish! You may put any food or snacks in our Community Room (tables provided); no food or drink is allowed in the active climbing areas (padded flooring) of the gym. Participants should bring a sleeping bag, pillow, personal items (toiletry items, medicines, extra clothes, water bottle, and flashlight). There is a shower in each bathroom with soap, so pack a towel if you choose to utilize the showers.

Reserve a Lock-In today!

Contact us for additional information or to inquire about available dates. Call the gym at 540-685-2360 or send an inquiry through our CONTACT FORM.