Belay Class

August 18, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

**All classes are cancelled until further notice**



In the Basic Belay Class you will work with our instructor and learn the technique of belaying. After taking the class and before your first time climbing, you will be required to take a belay test showing the staff that you have retained all the information and skills necessary. Taking this class and successfully passing the belay test will enable you to belay climbers in the gym.
This course takes approximately an hour and a half. Rental harness and shoes are provided in course fee if needed.
Course Prerequisite: participants must be at least 14 years old

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Course topics:
Knot craft and harness tie-in
BUS Belay method
Rope management
Use of a Petzl ATC and Grigri
Climber/Belayer communication
Arresting a fall
Lowering a climber
Basic climbing technique
Climbing rating system

FREE – River Rock Members
$25 non-members
$50 for class with a 1-week membership included – this great deal begins the day you take your belay class. All the benefits to being a member are included; you can come take one of our many instructional or fitness classes, not to mention coming back to climb as many times as you’d like within the 1 week time frame. When you return to become belay verified bring a friend! You get 1 free guest pass (rental gear included) with the 1-week membership, so when you test out you now have a climbing partner you can belay!

Thursday 7 pm
Saturday/Sunday 4 pm

Be aware: It is really hard to teach someone how to belay without a person at the other end of the rope. The River Rock can’t provide you a climber to take the belay class. The instructor will be on the ground working with the belay class. If there is more than one person in the class, no problem. The class participants can climb for each other.
If you are the only person registered you will need to provide a climber. We will not charge for your climber during the class time and will provide them with all of the equipment necessary. Contact the gym if you have any questions (540) 685-2360.

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