Membership Change Form

Do you need to freeze, cancel, add or subtract a person, or update your billing information associated to your membership? Please fill out the form below.

Any changes to a membership require no less than 14 days advance notice from our billing date of the 21st of the month. Requests with less than 14 days notice will be regularly billed per the terms of the Membership Agreement.

You also have the option to “freeze” your monthly EFT membership.  Freezes begin on the 21st day of the month to coincide with the billing cycle.  Individuals will be charged $10 per month, couples and families will be charged $15 per month. Members who are frozen do not have member benefits until un-frozen (must pay regular guest rates to climb or for programs/classes).

Be aware that if you cancel your membership it will require a new start-up fee if you wish to begin an EFT Membership at some point in the future.