Competitive Youth Climbing Team

The River Rock has not been able to field a competitive team for the last two years.  We will try again in the fall of 2023.  It takes at least eight youth to make the team a reality.  The more climbers we have participating the more cost-effective it becomes.

Our Youth Competitive Climbing Team welcomes youth of all skill levels looking to challenge themselves in a competitive climbing format. Competition climbing is an exciting individual sport which promotes physical strength and confidence. In addition, climbing helps youth build lasting friendships and a good work ethic. As a member of the Team, you will participate in two 2 hour practices a week and participate in a number of local competitions.

Participation in the Competitive Team is by the coaches’ invitation, so you must attend the Open Tryout session.

Team members must be youth members of the gym, own their own climbing shoes, and will be responsible to climb and workout over and above the two coached sessions a week.